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How can I apply and book a test date for PMP on PMI?

The PMP exam schedule is the key milestone in your journey to becoming a PMP. You can attempt the PMP exam only after getting a confirmed appointment date from Pearson VUE center.

In today’s blog post, I will provide you with everything about the PMP exam schedule.

Let’s get started.

PMP Exam Schedule

You can schedule your PMP exam after your application is approved and you have paid the PMP exam fee.

After making the payment, the PMI will send you a confirmation email with a code. With this code, you book your exam appointment.

Availability of the PMP Exam Dates

The PMI conducts the PMP exam throughout the year through

You can visit the site and check the availability of the slot, which depends on the number of seats, rush for other exams, etc. If you see available space, you can book the exam appointment.

You can select the exam date anytime, provided the slot is available with

When is the Next PMP Exam Date?

There are no fixed dates for the PMP exam. PMI conducts the PMP exam throughout the year. You can choose your PMP exam date by visiting the site.

The exam date is guaranteed if you reserve your appointment. Once you reserve it, the slot becomes fixed for you, and you can attempt the exam.

How to Reschedule the Exam

Fortunately, if you failed the PMP exam or have canceled it previously and now want to schedule the PMP exam again, you can do so. Again, there are no issues, and the process is the same, although you will pay the PMP exam cancelation or rescheduling fee.

How Many Times Can You Reschedule the PMP Exam?

After your PMP exam application is approved, you have one year to pass the PMP exam with three attempts. Unfortunately, if you do not pass, you cannot reapply for the exam for one year.

However, during the one year of your eligibility, you can reschedule or cancel the exam as often as you wish.

Remember, you may need to pay a fee to PMI when you do that.

How to Schedule the PMP exam

You can schedule the PMP exam for Center Based Test (CBT) or Online Proctored Test.

For the center-based test, you will need to visit the center and attempt the exam in a controlled environment. However, for an online proctored test, you can attempt the PMP exam from home with an online computer or laptop.

To schedule the exam, visit and go to the “Review Application Status” under “myPMI,” and click on “schedule exam.” This will take you to the Pearson VUE website.

On the Pearson VUE site, go to the Pre-Approved Exam and click on the PMP exam.

Now you can select a center-based test on the proctored test.

If you have selected the center-based testing:

  • The first option you will see is to select the language and then verify the exam and language again. Next, read the testing policies and click “Schedule This Exam.”

  • Now you can search the test center, see the availability, and select the date and time for the exam.

  • After selection, review the selection again, then click Proceed to Checkout.

  • Your PMP exam Schedule appointment is confirmed, and Pearson VUE will send you a confirmation email.

If you decided on the online proctored test:

  • This is important: read the online proctoring policies, agree, and click “Next.”

  • Select the exam language, click next, verify the details again, and click “Schedule This Exam.”

  • Choose the exam date and time. You do not need to select a location as you are attempting it from home. You can schedule the PMP exam appointment between Tuesdays – Saturdays.

  • After finalizing the selection, review the appointment detail, click “Proceed to Check out,” and submit the order.

  • Your PMP exam schedule appointment is confirmed, and you will receive an email from Pearson VUE providing exam details.

Schedule the PMP Exam through Telephone

You can schedule by telephone. To book the appointment by telephone, you need to call Pearson VUE.

The Pearson VUE representative will ask for the following details:

  • Name of the exam

  • Your PMI ID

  • Your first, middle, and last name

  • Your email ID, mobile number, and address

Once you provide these details and the representative matches them with your application, they will fix the exam schedule for you.


PMP Exam Schedule is not immovable; you can select the date and time as per your suitability and availability of the seat and attempt the exam. There is no restriction on seat availability for the proctored-based exam, but you must select a day between Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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