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About the Course

Agile Scrum Foundation certificate by EXIN provides professionals with an introduction to the main Agile principles and the core concepts of the Scrum framework. Educoursera is a Registered Education Partner (REP®) of EXIN to provide live online Agile Scrum Foundation certification training. The Agile Scrum Foundation certification training will be delivered by certified and accredited trainers with rich domain experience. Post enrollment, you will get 14 SEUs.

Enroll for Agile Scrum Foundation Certification training Educoursera. Agile Scrum Foundation training is an entry-level Agile Project Management course that is ideal for individuals and enterprises who are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Agile methodologies and Scrum practices and covers scrum practices with regards to cross-functional and self-managed teams to produce deliverables during each iteration.

This Agile Scrum Foundation certification training accredited by EXIN is ideal for software developers, project team members, team leads, architects, project managers, scrum team members, and anyone who is part of IT and project management teams working on projects. Participants attending this training will receive a hard copy of the course material.

Individuals and enterprise teams can take up this Agile Scrum Foundation course in live online, and on-site training delivery modes . This Agile Scrum Foundation certification training is available across multiple City.

Areas Of Study :-
Concepts of Agile and Scrum, especially “Agile way of Thinking”
Scrum Practices, Roles, Events, importance of Backlog, and the Definition of Done (DOD)
Planning and executing Scrum Projects
Monitoring and tracking Scrum Projects including Kanban boards, burn-down charts, and information radiators
Advanced Scrum concepts that includes applying scrum to large and complex projects
Creating an Agile workspace.

Eligibility Criteria:-
There are no pre-requisite criteria for taking the Agile Scrum Foundation course.

Exam Format and Cost.
The Agile Scrum Foundation Exam Format is as follows:
Multiple choice examination questions
40 questions
26 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) - 65%
60 minutes duration
Closed book
Exam Fee: Exam Fee: The Agile Scrum Foundation certification exam cost is approximately around 200USD. For Agile Scrum Foundation certification, the training includes the exam cost.

Who Should Attend Agile Scrum Foundation :-
Job roles that can benefit from Agile Scrum Foundation training include, but are not limited to:
Software Developers
Project Team Members
Team Leads
Project Architects
Project Managers
Scrum Team Members
And anybody who is part of IT and project management teams working on projects

Educoursera is a Training Accreditation Education Partner (REP®) of EXIN to provide Agile Scrum Foundation training globally

Your Instructor

Agile Scrum Foundation


2 Days weekend

This course includes:


Full session video


Full lifetime access


Access on mobile and laptop


Certificate of completion

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