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Agile Scrum Master


$ 799


4 Days Weekend

Available Countries

About the Course

Agile Scrum Master Course is designed to offer top to bottom information about the relationship between Scrum and Agile. Agility is defined as the state that people, teams, organizations look for or by embracing agile development processes. On the opposite end, Scrum is the structure that assists in building a hard-working team.

Scrum acts as a motivation for the team to learn through experiences and making sure to self-organize while working on a project.So the relation between the two can be seen as “Agile is the principles to Scrum, Scrum is a foundation for agility.

Career Benefits.

>Be admissible and catch your market
>Certified Scrum Masters are assets to the workforce
>Qualified employees drive successful projects
>A badge of honor
>Be apart from the crowd.

Course Curriculum.

Waterfall vs Agile

>Lesson 1 Quiz
>Evolution of Agile

Lesson 2 Quiz
>Agile Manifesto Values and Principle

Lesson 3 Quiz
>Agile Umbrella

Lesson 4 Quiz
>Module 1 Summary
>Module 2 Quiz
>Module 2 Summary
>Definition of Scrum
>Uses of Scrum
>Scrum Theory
>Scrum Values
>Scrum in a Nut shell
>Scrum Team/Roles
>DOR and DOD
>Scrum Artifacts
>User Story and Acceptance Criteria
>Agile Estimation

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Your Instructor

Bilal jaisher

Bilal jaisher

Our trainer is well experienced and having more than 15 years of training experience.

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