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Advance Digital Marketing

Advance Digital Marketing

This course includes:


Full session video


Full lifetime access


Certificate of completion


Access on mobile and laptop

Duration : 4 Days (FRI-SAT) 5hrs Per Day

About the Course


Digital marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy in a modern world, it offers a business the best online channels to promote and sell its products and services,deliver customer support and build relationships with new and existing customers.

However, to achieve this, one needs a comprehensive approach to digital marketing and expertise to utilize the crucial digital marketing tools and components. Therefore, every specialist in this area should learn digital marketing basics at specialized courses. It is a fast-evolving area; to succeed in your overall digital marketing strategy, you must be equipped with the latest information on the best online marketing practices available, and our certified digital marketing course will help you to master those.

This information is delivered to you within our practical and intensive masterclass, which provides information on how to massively boost your results with the help of search engine optimization (SEO), PPC (pay per click) management, Google digital marketing, quality content marketing and web analytics. In this digital marketing course you will study how to use different means such as social media, digital advertising and other relevant channels to effectively reach your target audience for business promotion, marketing, and brand positioning.

>The short and intensive course provides you with the best digital marketing qualifications:
>Understanding of the entire landscape of digital advertising;
>Defining and attracting your digital environment target audience;
>Basics of social media marketing;
>Utilizing advanced tools to reach your audience for efficient digital marketing;
>Assessing business reputation, products, and services;
>What is a digital marketing strategy, and how to develop it.

What will you gain

>Upon completion of this Masterclass, participants obtain the following knowledge and skills:
>Expertise in effective digital marketing plans and strategies
>Study the key digital marketing tools and their most powerful features
>Unique mastery of digital tools for professional growth
>Mastery of two-way communication skills with clients via social media
>Improve websites and general online presence to achieve best outcome
>Build long-lasting client relationships and a user-centric consumer experience
>Effective usage of mobile solutions for controlling the digital landscape
>Study the right online media channels to achieve highest outcome and results
>Recognition of the power of analytics to improve campaign performance
>Ability to rapidly boost professional growth and acquire in-demand skills
>Understanding of the present and future of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Who Should Attend

Digital Marketing Staff
Digital Marketing Executives
Brand and Marketing Managers
Digital Marketing Managers
Social Media Managers
Public Relations (PR) Professionals
Business Development Managers and Directors
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
Any other staff that deals with the company’s online presence
Anyone who wants to switch to marketing field

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